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Lamda3 is a printed & online magazine featuring the finest in traveling and enjoying life, that allows readers to discover the simplicity of life.

Initially founded by Tzoutis Christos, a Greek passionate with traveling, photography, and wine. Working past years into travel industry his vision was to inform travelers with the best information through photo stories to enjoy places like locals.

In λ3 we are passionate about bringing you a curated selection of information and photos to make you get up and get out there.

In addition to publishing inspirational projects from around the world, lamda3 produces its own unique editorial features on the cutting edge of contemporary culture that includes interviews, photoshoots, video production, travel stories and more.

Unlike other travel blogs, lamda3 reflects an intimately curated ensemble of personal experiences, projects, and products that unanimously stand for. Committed to its vision, the purpose is to increase the quality of its content and create its own readership worldwide and motivate people to get up and travel, to discover life.

At the end of 2018, we presented Lamda3 Travels. A fresh and new age traveler’s club that provides a suite of services in combination with outdoor activities and one-off experiences, excursions, expeditions and adventures. Classic food-culture knowledge, unique activities in some of the most beautiful landscapes through a calendar of original and inspiring events, dinners and talks around the globe.

Our Travel Designers provide personalized planning and tailor itineraries according to traveler’s preferences, taking care of logistics and creating access to coveted accommodations, dining experiences, fiestas, culture events, outdoor activities and more. As regional and cultural experts, we identify what is unique and authentic about a place, and weave this through every moment of a journey with 24/7 supoort while travel.

Our mission is to celebrate the beauty of this world, and the diverse moments and images that anyone can create, including its cultures, traditions, crafts, and natural environments, while safeguarding what makes them unique.

Our mission is to make everyone to Love n’ Live Life.

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    We do not provide monetary compensation for any articles or photo images, however, we accredit that links and copyright details will be included if requested.  Most photographers gladly provide us images free of charge as λ3 (lamda3) is an excellent media to promote their work and often leads to commissions from other publications. Before you send us your submissions please read our Terms & Conditions of Use.  

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