Tailor made excursions

Describe your dream getaway and we’ll make it a reality.

Imagine your ideal holidays and we will make them come true. Our Travel Designers provide personalized planning and tailor itineraries according to your preferences, taking care of logistics and unlocking access to coveted accommodations, dining experiences, outdoor activities, and more. As regional and cultural experts, we identify what is unique and authentic about a place, and weave this through every moment of a journey.

Give us the details, what you would like to discover and experience, what do you expect of your holidays and we can organize a personalize program based entirely on your needs.

We are here to listen and plan accordingly, so we can organize a personalized excursion that is based entirely on your needs.

We employ a vast network of highly-skilled staff and professionals to help us bring your vision to life. They provide you with their guidance and expertise, becoming a part of your journey to self-improvement. Our premium service providers range from fitness (yoga, pilates, crossfit) and outdoor (climbing, hiking, running) trainers to motorcycle tour guides, sailors and award-winning chefs, bartenders among other experts in their respective fields.

We Define Hospitality

Breathe in and explore everything Greece has to offer. If yoga in the Peloponnesian sunset and massages on a private yacht in-between island-hopping sounds like your kind of an adventure, then it’s what we’ll offer you. If you are dreaming of crossing the mainland on a bike or motorcycle we’ll guide you to make your dream come true. If you would like to enjoy the mediterranean ang greek cuisine on a cruise around the ionian sea, we will make your experience unforgettable. Climbing at Kalymnos or Meteora or Leonidio, yeah! Let’s Climb together! Take in the natural beauty of the rural Cretan countryside or sail the crystal clear waters of the Aegean on the best holistic experience of your life. We combine local culture, outdoor and adventure activities with unforgettable hospitality to elevate your Experience during your trip.

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