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My name is Areti  Stasinou and I was born in Ioannina, about four decades ago. My birthday is on July 10th and my star sign is Cancer. I come from the beautiful Tzoumerka, but I grew up in the remote region of Konitsa. I went to Ioannina for studies and then worked as a journalist in local media for more than 20 years. Although it has often crossed my mind the thought of moving to Athens, it has never happened! For the last few years I have been working in the Region of Epirus in the project of tourism promotion and as the head of the press and communication agency of MyAdventure, which is active in the organization and support of running competitions with the top "ZagoriMountainRunning". In recent years I have been working in the Region of Epirus in the project of tourism promotion and as the head of the press and communication agency of MyAdventure, which is active in the organization and support of running competitions with the top one the "ZagoriMountainRunning". 

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I met Areti through the organization of the Greater Mountain Race in Greece, Zagori Mountain Race, and I immediately realized that a great part of the beauty of the race is due to her. Surely the landscapes and places where the race takes place, play the most important role, but the emotion that passes through her smile and her love for this place gives the extra thing that is needed to stand out. You see her enjoy the three days of the race, while a period of organization with a lot of pressure has already passed.

1. What is the place you love most to visit and when do you go there (and two comments - why)?  

There is not just one place I love to visit because Epirus is a place of unique beauty every season of the year. Almost once a week I visit my village in Tzoumerka because I have the most beautiful memories of my childhood. The tranquility, the natural beauty, the authentic people always make me come back. Zagorohoria with the unique architecture, the stone bridges and the picturesque villages, is a place I loved and I visit very often. Another favorite place for my summer excursions, is Syvota. There I enjoy the magical beauty of the Ionian Sea with the blue-green waters and some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece  

2. Describe yourself with 3 (or fewer) words

I am very emotional, I give my soul to the people I love, and I never give up!  

3. What makes you get out of bed every day?

All I want to do.  

4. Through your love for your work and travel, what is the image that has imprinted on your mind?

There isn’t just one .. thankfully! I loved Rome because every time I visit it I discover something new. It is a cherished destination. I remember the unique atmosphere that was hidden in the alleyways in Naples. You walked around and you listened to the open windows of Neapolitan melodies. But because Greece is only one, I will always remember Koufonisia, as I remember this place in the late 1990s. An incredible island!  

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Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

5. You live permanently in Ioannina. What makes this city and Zagori special and why does it stand out?  

I could fill whole pages about my city ! Ioannina combines uniquely the past with the present! It is a city with rich history, human, with a nobility that has remained unchanged over the years. Ioannina is a vibrant city with many alternations, unique colors and a lake hiding its own secrets.  Zagorohoria, as I said before, is one of the most beautiful mountainous areas of Greece. Nature, architecture, hospitality, traditional villages with hospitable inhabitants, Drakolimni and Vikos gorge .... all these and so many more you will find here!  

6. What Your Favorite Landscape;  place or image there.

The sunset from Ligiades, a village across the city, which looks like a balcony of Ioannina  

7. Which place stands out for you if you want to eat whether a local recipe or a product and what makes it so special?  

At Chrysanthos in Amfithea, it has traditionally cooked food, and in Giannakopoulos in Koutselios the most beautiful goat in the Dutch oven. Baklavava from Yiannena is the sweet anyone has to try when he visits the city, just like the bougatsa in Select in the main square.  

8. Which place for coffee / breakfast?  

For breakfast while overlooking the city, in Frodzou Politia and for coffee, I prefer Scala, Chevallier and the atmospheric cafes in the old town.  

9. What's the favorite habit of the locals that you like?  

Lunch meetings at the traditional places for ouzo.  

10. If you want to get away from the everyday routine, what would you would do?  

An excursion to some of the mountain villages. Especially at this time, the colors of nature will reward you 

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Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

11. Your favorite habit in your everyday life?

Walking around the town and meeting friends.  

12. What is the next destination you would like to go to?

To the small Aegean islands (Sikinos, Anafi, Kimolos) and because I have heard a lot, I would like to visit Sicily. 



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Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

13. We are only for 48 hours in Zagori and Ioannina, what do we have to see or do?  

In any case, take a stroll to Nissaki and the Castle to visit the Byzantine Museum and the Silver Craft Museum. Metsovo is only half an hour away and you will not regret it. Do not forget after strolling in the village and sightseeing to try out the unique condosouvli at "5f". You will remember me! Alternatively, I would suggest rafting in Voidomatis or Arachthos. But if you come in the winter, you can always go to Anilio Adventure Park next to Metsovo to enjoy the ski slopes for all levels and enjoy the view of the snowy slopes of Pindos, drinking your coffee or enjoying your meal in the unique aesthetics Chalet Chamois! 

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14. The last few years you've devoted part of yourself to Zagori Mountain Race. Tell us a few things about this wonderful celebration. What is the idea behind its organization, future thoughts and goals.

Zagori Mountain Running, as you correctly said, is the biggest mountain-running celebration! It is a three-day project that we expect every year, because we meet thousands of athletes and friends in the "place behind the mountain". The joy, the smile, the love and the enthusiasm of those who are involved cannot be described with words and our feelings are unique! The organizing committee of the competition set greater goals every year, with the goal, the people that will be found in Zagori on the occasion of the race, to live a special experience! What we want, is to offer athletes and participants a three-day project full of events and a high-level organization that will become an institution in Greece and abroad!  

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Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

15. The Words You keep in the course of Life:

Respect, love, sincerity.  

16. What kind of music do you listen to at this time?

Music is my company most of the day. I listen to Greek and foreign music and my choices are determined by the mood of the moment. From Ludovico Einaudi and U2, to O.S.T. from Amelie and jazz to Malamas, Arvanitaki, Bofiliou and Galani. I can not just distinguish 10 songs, because there are a lot more that I love to listen to.

We should thank Areti for the beautiful discussion and we wish her the best.

Photos and Text: Christos Tzoutis

Translation: Natasa Bezerianou

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