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1. Tell us a few things for yourself to get to you know better: your full name, age, zodiac sign (date of birth), the place where you grew up, where do you live now and what is your current profession.

My name is Nena Grintzia, I live in Stemnitsa and I work in the tourism industry. I was born 54 years ago in Stemnitsa (Aquarius ascendant in Virgo). I grew up in the village and I learned to think of my homeland, the mountain of Mainalon. I finished Elementary School in Stemnitsa and dimitsana. Later, studies (geology) in Thessaloniki, one year at Samos and after that at Piraeus, where I was teaching physics until 2005, where I returned Stemnitsa. From the 2006 I am operating guesthouse the Mpelleiko, trying not only to communicate the history, the beauty and the uniqueness of the place, but also to keep an open window on traditional family flavors with breakfast and the workshop "I collect Cook "The mpelleiko is an old stone house from the mid-17th century, belonging to my mother’s family, Bella's name! Deep roots is one of the main element that define who I am right now. .

2. What is your place and how often do you visit it?

One of the main reasons I moved again to Stemnitsa is the need of contact with nature, so a walk at any kind of desert nature is the answer. That’s exactly what I have in my everyday life and I am glad that I am living it.

3. Describe yourself with 3 (or less) words.


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The unique and sweet smile and hospitality of Nena.
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The best friend of Nena.

4. What makes you get up out of bed every day?

Apart from my alarm clock and my little baby girl that has the belly aches? Life itself, the anticipation of the new day of new experiences.

5. You have lived in Piraeus, for few years, now in Stemnitsa, how about the difference between sea and mountain? What do you like most and what not?

It has to do more with the difference between the city life and village life, despite living in the sea and life on the mountain. The reason that I decided to move back to Stemnitsa was that I was away from nature with the daily life in the city. Eventually I miss elements of the life of the city mainly cultural options such as music and movies. Also the comfort of options that you think you have. Here you need to do to get something done. I miss the contact with the sea but the mountain life until now has good balance.

6. What is your favorite hobby?

Reading, reading, reading…

7. What do you love most in your job?

Contact with the people, with different cultures of this planet, while I'm in my house. That I can share with other people stories, experiences, landscapes and to make them partakers of real life in Greece. That in return they give me the huge window in the world and the intricacies of our planet that I need so not to feel isolated.

8. What is your favorite food?

The food in general!!!  As long as it is cooked with care and love. 

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There is no better breakfast of Nena's handmade options.

9. What is the reason that makes the Stemnitsa so unique?

Stemnitsa is at the Centre of Peloponnese with a history of thousands of years. Every alley, every stone fountain, every home or church is the "patina" of time and history. The long history and past silverworks continues today with the school of Jewellery which is the window of this place in the future. Also there is a dense network of marked paths, which are the old donkey roads which connects the village with the neighboring villages, fields in alpine levels and religious sites in unique ravine of Loussios River so ideal for all kinds of nature lovers and travelers and someone can do a different path every day. In recent years, from Stemnitsa starts and the Menalon trail, the first certified path in Greece, which has 8 domains and it takes 5 days to cross from edge to edge, traversing canyons, and monasteries, forests, quaint villages and landscapes. With new roads created recently, access to major archaeological sites in the Peloponnese as the Epicurean Apollo at Vasses, Olympia, ancient Messini, Mystras, can also be done with day trips. So it is ideal for people with many different tastes and at the same time the destination that will show you the true face of mountainous Arcadia. 

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Guesthouse Mpellaiiko

10. We are only for 48 hours in Stemnitsa, what must we absolutely see or do?

Must stay at the Mpelleiko and taste the breakfast overlooking the Stemnitsa from the loft of course – of course! To walk in the streets of the village and drink water from the stone fountains. To see the folklore museum. Enjoy the sunset from the Iroon or the Aeraki. To visit at least one of the three late Byzantine churches. To walk in the path of the Lousios River and visit the Ancient City of Gortyna, the monastery of John the Baptist and the Old and New Abbey Philosopher. Drink coffee or raki or tsoykalokafta in the square under the umbrella of Klinitsas.

11. What is the beloved habit of inhabitants or any kind of special tradition in Stemnitsa?

Apart from the great House of the cafe that solves all the problems of Greece between coffee and tsoykalokaftoy? Many traditions are lost with the fading of the grandparents even though many of the new generation trying to salvage something: traditional dishes every season, such as pork with celery on Christmas, Halloween robioles, cod with wild greens of the Annunciation, nettles with vinegar on Maundy Thursday, just to mention a few. The masquerading in theatrical Halloween street or tsiknisma on Tsiknopempti. The shearing of sheep in the spring where always followed by revelry. The ' may ' grip on Mayday. What so far remains a big event in the village is the feast of the Dormition on 15th of August with boiled goat and grilled meats as delicacies and dance to traditional music.

12. A trip which would you rather do, next destination would you like to go?

For the time being I am getting to know Peloponnese and its history once again but with adult eyed now. Is a PIN on the world map, but has 5 big mountains, 7 of the greatest archaeological sites of Greece and a huge coastline. I would like nevertheless to make a trip to Africa, to hear the music.

13. The words with which you walk in life?

All we got is our daily lives and each of our decision, conscious or not, forms our reality.

14. What kind of music are you listening to these days? Send us your favorite 10 songs and what title he would give them if they were a feeling.

The music always comes after the feeling: I choose music depending on my mood, reinforced it or sharpen it. Many times, music is a journey on the planet and the different cultures I can hear everything, provided they are not false and flat. My ideal is a dj that knows and understands me putting music for me and makes me want to dance '. Alternatively, the radio or the music-or-if you want silence of nature: the gurgling water of the Lousios Gorge, the air that makes the trees sing, birds that give their morning concerts with dogs in the role of bass, such musical themes ... ...  


Photo credits: 
The view to Stemnitsa. All images © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis
Photo credits: 
All images © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis
Photo credits: 
All images © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

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