Efstathia Tzova, Berlin

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1. Tell us few things for yourself to get to know you better: your name, age (date of birth), zodiac sign, the place where you grew up, where do you live now and what do you do professionally.

Efstathia Tzova, 31 years old, Pisces, 22/2/1987, grew up in the Kipseli that ’s why I love the center of Athens. Now you'll find me at Gerakas, if you search a lot because I’m hardly at home! I studied Accounting and fashion design and working as an English teacher and Secretary at a language school. Parallel run professionally my Instagram page and beyond my own and other three! I am also a wife and a mother!

2. Which is your favorite place to visit and how often do you go there (a couple of comments – why?)

In Athens, the Center. Outside Athens, my mother's hometown, Karyes, Laconia. The beautiful Thessaloniki the place where my father comes from, but also the beautiful Greek islands!

3. Describe yourself with 3 (or less) words. 

Decisive, firm, organized, lack of patience, extroverted... I should stop now!

4. What makes you get up out of bed every day?

My daughter! “Moomm I want milk!!” 

5. Through your love for fashion and everyday life, what is the image you have captured more in mind?

People with sneakers running to catch up everything they need to do within 24 hours.

6. Recently you visited Pavliani, favourite destination of l3, and you chose to stay on the farm Vasilikia, how was it this this experience and the area of Pavliani?

It was something different for Greece terms! We had the opportunity to stay in an Airstream and this was the reason that we planned it anyways! Calm and beautiful landscapes among farm animals! 

7. You have also visited Berlin. A favorite city of many people, especially artists. What made you a great impression and for what reasons stands out?  

First of all, we had just 1.5 days set to go! Call me crazy but I love the cities that I can find stylish guys on the road! That’s why I loved also Copenhagen! In addition, we found incredible café, brunch places, etc. The city had something industrial on it that I liked! Dark, travels you back to a key piece of modern history.  

8. Was it a special landscape or picture that you found it particularly impressing?

The Berlin Wall.

9. Which food place did you enjoy most, local recipe or product and what makes it so special?

Benedict, The visit coffee roastery, 25 hour and many more that I had made plans to visit but we didn't have time to go ....

10. What is the beloved habit of residents that in impressed you?

Beer and wurst of course!

11. This is only for 48 hours in Berlin, what absolutely must see or do?

More than enough time to see it all!!! Just in rush! No museums for start, first sightseeing rides to see the city! 

12. Your favorite habit in Athens?

Wine and Food at the Center! And shopping of course!

13. What is the next destination would you like to go?

Few days ago we returned from Dubai. Awesome trip! We would like to see Thailand! Hope we can make it!

14. The words with which you walk in life:

There are no words! Just go for it! I don't have time to think of words! I think they are of no use! Only acts!

15. What kind of music are you listening to these days? Send us your favorite 10 songs.

I know that some people feel lame with this but I listen to all kinds of music! From house until rebetika! Because my  father taught me since I was little and that's why I dance everything! From folk / traditional music up to latin! 

We would like to thank Efstathia for the interview and the beautiful conversation. For information about her work you can find her:


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