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A fresh space on the island of the beautiful island of Zakynthos, already counting a year of operation. Fresh ideas with influences from travel around the world and options for all hours of the day in coffee, food, and drink.  

Welcome to Madisons.

Here you will see all ages and enjoy stunning pancakes or rich brunch dishes, great coffee, fine, modern cuisine and cool cocktails for the evening. Overlooking the sea and the harbor of Zakynthos, as it is located on the coastal road, you will relax with your company and enjoy the place and its tasteful choices, looking back at the sunset. Staff always willing and courteous to help you, will host you in the best way to get beautiful.

Favorite youth destination for morning coffee and exciting Pancakes with soup, chocolate, chocolate, biscuits or strawberries! A favorite destination for evening entertainment as well. You will always see it full of people, full of smiles. But smiles start from the children who work there and give their best for your own hospitality.

We suggest you try a cool cocktail with Diplomatico rum, ideal for the sunset overlooking the sea. In particular, we recommend Mai Tai, a classic Tiki cocktail, especially as it combines different kinds of rum together with the exotic flavor of pineapple.

Mai Tai

45 ml Diplomatico Planas

15 ml Cointreau liqueur

10 ml lime juice

45 ml pineapple juice

45 ml orange juice

1 dash grenadine

30 ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva


Stir well all the ingredients in a shaker full of ice and serve with a single stir in a Tiki glass. Garnish with lime wedge and mint.

Thank you very much for Madison's hospitality and the wonderful tastes we tasted.

Text: Christos Tzoutis

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