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1. Hello Elina, tell us a few things about yourself, your full name, age, your date of birth, where did yuo grow up, wwhere do you live now and what are you doing fo a living.

My name is Evangelia Ioanna Aktipi but few know it so let's just settle for Elina! Date or birth 23/08/1994, zodiac Virgin &Lion on the day of change, (and yes I have it all double!).  I was born and raised in Athens, in Vari. I always wanted to do something creative, I was thinking advertising for many years, but the circumstances (school exams) led me to business management. This school gave me five years in beautiful Patras, countless unforgettable moments and incredible people who now are my family, so everything went well. After I did my internship in a tourist agency, I kind of liked this area and I continued it. I am currently working in a tourism company in Spain and at the same time I´m teaching English.  

2. Which is your favorite place and how often do you visit it?   

A favorite place for me is a place that awakens you with beautiful, intense and warm memories, in general, that awakens your feelings. For me these places are my village Trikala, Paros, Patras and Oviedo. 

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Photos © Elina Aktipi

3. Describe yourself with 3 or less words.

I asked my roommate and she said: competent, creative, impulsive.

4. What motivates you?  Gives you a reason to jump of the bed every morning.

The thought that there is another opportunity to do something creative and see something different.

5. The last year you live in a small village in Catalonia, which is the difference between the daily program you had in Greece in addition with the Catalonian way of living, and what makes Catalonia special?  

My goal was to go somewhere that was similar on a  social level but with a better quality of life and Spain was that place. Now, I live in a village just outside Barcelona called Castellar del Valles. Catalonia is very special because it has a lot of its own traditions and customs, people are passionate about their origins and this leads them to treat Catalonia with love, care and respect, and that brings tremendous results to many different levels.

6. What's the favorite habit of the residents there? A local product and recipe that stands out?     

Favorite habit by far is the siesta (sleep) after eating. The simplest recipe that distinguishes them is Pa amb tomàquet, traditional bread with oil, garlic and tomato juice.

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Photos © Elina Aktipi

7. Recently you made a nice trip to Morocco, what was your experience? What's left to you and what makes it so special?

Morocco was pure love. I do not know if it affected me the fact that everything was very different from what I used to be and see, but it was the most beautiful and inspirational trip I've ever done. I really felt what they say about traveling and learning. We stayed in Marrakech and Essaouira, we shared experiences and moments with awesome people and in general there was a huge interaction with the surroundings. 

8. Did you try a recipe or local product that made you feel impressed?     

I could live only with cous cous, I stayed for 10 days and the 8 I was eating only cous cous. Of course I liked also Tajin, which is only vegetables or vegetables with meat cooked in a cone clay pot for many hours in the fire. 

9. Some habit of the inhabitants who made you impression (positive or negative);

They had several places where they were scratching animals to make leather, it had a horrible smell and I had never seen something like this before. 

10. What would make you come back there maybe and forever?

As the years go through, I come closer to the idea of 'we are happier with less' and that would be the reason I would go again and again. 

11. We are only 48 hours in Morocco, what should we definitely see or do?  

The first thing that comes to my mind is the night I spent in the Desert, but to get there we had to spend 16 hours in a mini van. I would suggest trying as many spices as possible, exploring all the traditional shops and walking and walking again with eyes wide open, ready to capture all these beautiful designs that exist in many buildings.

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Portrait photo of Elina at Sahara desert.
Photo credits: 
Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis
Photo credits: 
Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis
Photo credits: 
Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

12. A trip you would like to do, next destination that you would like to go to;

Antarctica, Hawaii, Thailand, India and something closer, Iceland.  .

13. Tell us your moto of life with 3 words.      

Will! If you have the will to live every day, everything else will come.   

14. What kind of music do you listen to those days?   

I spend several hours on the computer because of my job so there are always some lists playing on the background. Mostly I would say that I hear oldest songs but always with a funky rhythm that will give me the right motivation! 

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