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One of the most popular snacks of the Greeks. For some loved habit, for others necessary to start the day well. The Koulouri of Thessaloniki, a dish of bread and sesame seeds, with a hidden secret of sugar. Thanks to his characteristic shape he also got his name, cooler, circle. It is usually consumed in the morning and relatively instantly as it loses its freshness faster than bread. It is characterized by its special flavor, thanks to the game of sugar with sesame in taste. Thessaloniki has a special reputation for the most delicious bun and it follows it in the name. Due to its low cost and delicacy, it has become a favorite snack for all the time. Some bakeries in northern Greece are baking throughout the day.


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Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

We had the pleasure of having a nice winter day to make it hot that they had come out in the beautiful local café-bar, on a Sunday morning walk in Thessaloniki. Position in the window to look at the rain and the warm smell of sesame to soften us from the cold and the humidity that made us so far companion in our walk. Perfect choice for delicious (and thermal) balance a sweet, old rum. Perfume flavors and caramel flavor combined with the freshly baked bun of sesame seeds have been greatly balanced by giving a nice tasting flavor game.

We unfortunately have been accustomed to eating only the fruit of our drink, which is wrong. The right combination of food and drink can be a delightful taste for both and in this case the combination was a delightful success to continue our walk in the winter of Thessaloniki.

Photo credits: 
Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis
Photo credits: 
Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

Finally, we found the best recipe (from Akis Petretzikis) to enjoy a homemade, warm Koulouri of Thessaloniki and combine it with a little bittersweet rum Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and a nice company in the living room of your home.

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Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis


150 g flour hard  

350 g Dietary flour  

7 ½ g salt  

35 g sugar  

275-300 g water at room temperature  

2 sachets of dry yeast    


To overlay  Sesame

2 tbl. sugar  

500 g lukewarm water

Execution Method  

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C in the air.  

In the mixer, pour the water with the yeast and mix with a spoon until the yeast dissolves. Let the yeast rise for 5-6 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients to the dough (the hard flour, dhw, flour, sugar and salt) and hook them with the hook at moderate to high speed for 7-8 minutes until it becomes a soft dough, elastic and easy to work on. The dough will start to peel off the bottom.

Grease the walls of a bowl and transfer the dough to rest there by covering it with a membrane for 30'-1½ hours until its volume doubles. Fill a bowl of water (500g) and sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves, and another bowl of sesame seeds. Lubricate our workbench, put the dough and cut into pieces weighing 80g. (10 pcs.).

We make balls with the pieces of dough. Each ball is made with our hands as a sausage and we join the two edges to form our bun. We look at all the buns having the same diameter. Drop each bun in the water and immediately into the bowl with sesame seeds. Place in 35x40 pancakes and bake for 15-20 minutes until they get nice.

You can also combine it with butter (melt it as hot as it is to melt) or some salty cheese of your choice and a little jam.

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The beautiful area of ​​Local (17, Paleon Patron Germanou Street, Thessaloniki). Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis
Photo credits: 
Photos © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

We warmly thank the Local bar for the hospitality.

Text: Christos Tzoutis

Edit and translation: Elina Kondyli

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