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Panos Avgerinopoulos grew up in Athens, He is 40 years old and his sign is cancer. He owns an insurance company and in his free time he is dealing with filmmaking, he Is actually really good at it, producing short high-quality videos. His hobby became his habit and he told us that being himself a perfectionist he gives all his effort to deliver the best outcome. Just recently he visited Dubai and created an excellent video to express not only his passion for the video making art but also the experience he gained through this trip. We also discussed about his favorite habits and his everyday life. Go ahead and enjoy few of the images from his journey to Dubai, his beautiful video and let’s get to know Panos a little better!

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Self portrait of Panos

1. Which is your favorite place and how often do you visit it?  

I love Mykonos Island. I have been visiting the island every summer for the past 20 years.  

2. Describe yourself with 3 or less words.

Perfectionist, romantic, dogmatic

3. What motivates you?  Gives you a reason to jump of the bed every morning.

Responsibilities. Professional and non-professional

4. Via your love for photography you have been turned into a special filmmaker who loves travelling. What was that specific one shot that has been curved deep in your mind?  

I can really express myself through film shots and I am really fond of aerial shots! I cannot truly which is my favorite though.  

5. You have recently visited Dubai. What impressed you the most and what is it that makes this city unique?  

Dudai is typically an oasis in the middle of the desert. The buildings from structural and architectural perspective were fascinating. You can enjoy the luxury that this big city has to give in a beautiful tropical environment. One minute you are in the middle of the one of the most commercial center worldwide and the other you may visit a beach to enjoy swimming.

6. Where there any special landscape or picture that intrigued you?  

The view from 148th floor of Burj Khalifa building. I spent more than 2 hours there and still couldn’t get enough of it! 

7. Any special place for food? And what makes it so special?  

Chicken tortilla at outdoor camp in the middle of the desert, squatting on a carpet watching belly dance. 

8. Any peculiar place for coffee or breakfast?  

Anywhere that has view of ocean. I loved “Jumeirah souk madinat” café 

9. What was the locals’ habit that impressed you?  

Desert Safari!

10. Let’s say we are in Dubai for only 48 hours. What would do you suggest we should definitely see or do?  

Visit Burj Khalifa and jumeirah souk madinat 

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Photo © PanoVerino

A taste of Dubai by Panoverino (video)


11. What is your favorite habit in Athens? 

Since I live at the northern suburbs I enjoy to visit south for a nice lunch or coffee with friends. I love nature so much and south suburbs is full of that!

12. What is the next place you would like to visit in the future?

Tulum Mexico. I got the perspective that it is the ultimate destination if you want to relax. You can spend the whole day by the sea without getting in touch with lots of people. Endless beach with beautiful colours and intense vegetation. A little heaven on earth suitable for my own tastes.

13. Tell us your moto of life with 3 words. 

Creativity, Love, Optimism 

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Photo © PanoVerino
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Photo © PanoVerino
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Photo © PanoVerino
Photo credits: 
Photo © PanoVerino

14. What kind of music do you like? 

Send us 10 of your favorite songs and what title would you gave them if they were emotions! 

I love to hear music that evokes pictures in my head such as soundtracks. 

Alexandre Desplat – Wong Chia Chi’s theme (nostalgia)   

MANSTA feat. Nomi Ruiz – A different Corner (love)   

Robert Plant – Big Log (peace)   

Two feet – Her life (entousiasm)   

Another night – Claptone (fun)   

The revivalist – Wish I knew you (anticipation) 

We would like to thank Panos for the interview and the beautiful conversation. For information about his work you can find him: 




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