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Hidden in an alley downtown Athens it awaits for you to discover its secret and take on a journey of flavours, aromas and images.

It is a space born by Christos Kavrakos’s inspiration, who by loving what he does, always tries to serve the best possible outcome in your coffee cup, but also by Nikos Geranakis and Panagiotis Agelakopoulos. The three friends that we initially met through their endeavour in Peristeri, Mind the Cup, have now taken their vision downtown. Behind the design and final result, are Nine Design’s Thanos Tsounakas and Panagiotis Fountas who realised this vision and created a cozy space, appropriate for all hours during the day and pretty much makes you never want to leave.

Welcome to Peek A Bloom!

Inspired by the English expression for hide ‘n’ seek “peek a boo”, Peek A Bloom invites you to discover this hidden blossom in Lekka Str and get carried away by its wandering surroundings.

Peek A Bloom stands for the vision these three have had from the very beginning. Offering quality products and truthful services through expertise, constant development, evolution and experimentation. Their goal is to always provide their customers with something unique and special, which acts as proof that when you put love and work into something, it shows.

As far the actual product is concerned, Christos, Nikos and Panagiotis decided to further evolve the initial philosophy behind Mind the Cup, that combines the operation of a coffee roastery, quality coffee service and an actual bar. Therefore, in Peek A Bloom there is a separate lab-roastery, an espresso bar and an autonomous bar, all aiming to combine these different services but in a way that makes them specifically unique, hence of more quality, into a multi-purpose venue.

So if there is something that really stands out when it comes to Peek A Bloom, it is exactly this kind of effort of merging different philosophies with quality as the main axis within different categories and enabling all this to happen in an open-plan space, with which the visitor feels familiar and welcomed.

When it comes to coffee, the same recipe of success applies here too. Christos loves exploring and discovering new and special things. Coffee beans straight from the smallest of farms, switching varieties, on site roasting and a team of well-trained and willing baristi all contribute to the perfect result.

Attention is also paid to the creation of intricate concoctions and there is even a special list formed around absinth based signature cocktails. Food wise, there are few clean cut dishes you can try that mostly focus on pure ingredients and healthy eating. Gradually, cuisine will be enriched with more options according to seasonality and with raw materials from the mountains or Arcadia or even the garden.

Reasons to choose Peek A Bloom:

• In just a few meters from Syntagma Square you’ll find yourself in a peaceful alley that especially at night, turns into a very atmospheric place to be.

• One can taste coffee but also observe the whole process of its creation, from roasting the green bean to the moment it is served in the cup.

• For booze lovers awaits a selection of delicious cocktails in an authentically urban Athenian space. Also, it seems like experimenting with Absinth is back in style!

• The alley ensures you enjoy a quiet a breakfast or lunch away from the city’s noise, and also combine work with leisure.

That was it, let’s go hide in the alley and discover Peek A Bloom’s World!

Useful Information


Lekka 14, Athens


Telephone: +30 2103219000,

Εmail: info@mindthecup.gr

Social Media:

fb: Peek A Bloom

in: peekabloomathens                


MO-TU-WE-TH: 08.00-02.00.

FR-SA: 08.00-3.30 SU: 10.00-02.00                

Wi-fi: Peekabloom.


Pet friendly, private yard

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