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Alexandros is a 26 year old Scorpio, born and raised in Athens. Quite an enquiring mind but in a creative way, he tends bars for a living (as well-rounded as a bartender can possibly be -by his own words-) and mostly does so behind the bar at Feedel. There, he constantly experiments with new flavors and combinations, with the most common influence being one his travels and experiences. In a beautiful meeting with Alexandros, at Peek A Bloom, one of the hidden corners of Athens, we had the opportunity to discuss his visit to the country of Japan on the occasion of a series of courses he attended there for the Japanese Whisky. Youth, ambitious and full of creativity.

Photo credits: 
Photo © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis
Photo credits: 
Photo © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

1. Describe Athens in 3 or less words.

The City of Culture and Arts

2. Describe yourself in 3 words.

I need to be left alone, to think.

3. What is your favorite place to visit and how often do you visit?

Skyros, my very own sanctuary where I usually visit every summer.

4. What gets you out of bed every day?

The thought that each day is different and unique.

5. Which is your favorite ingredient to use at work and why?

I like to combine flavors with emotions and images, so I look for the weather.

6. Your favorite flavor? Favorite color?

Intense flavors, like truffle when it comes to food, bittersweet for drinks.

My favorite color is joyful black.

7. Regarding your job, what made you choose it and what is it that you want to convey through it?

First time I came across the bar, I realized that there is mash-up of senses going on here. Just like a small carefree hideaway where everyone can feel liberated. With my work I mostly want to make people see pictures through the flavors they taste and the music they listen. I’d call it synesthesia.

Photo credits: 
Photo © λ3 by Christos Tzoutis

8. You recently travelled to Japan. How come you chose Japan and what made it stand out?

The reason would be Giannis Petris. On the occasion of the “Japanese Bartending School” he organized a group of friends to attend, which as a whole thing turned out to be an extraordinary experience. Japan is unique for its infinite and remarkable imagery and the fact it can be 50 years ahead of its time when it comes to new ideas, and at the same time, 50 years behind because of its tradition.

9. So is it Japan or Scotland when it comes to whisky? And Why?

Scotland because it’s old school.

10. What would make you revisit?

Staying in Kyoto at the traditional, little houses.

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The unique scenery of Japan combined with taste perfectly complements the beauty of this destination.
Photo credits: 
Pictures of Alexander's journey to Japan as he immortalized himself through his mobile lens.

11. Which is the bar you liked more and why is so special?

Y&M Kisling bar. It’s special because of its huge selection of rare whiskies, not all being Japanese.

12. Which place for food?

Tsukiji Fish Market, in one of the smallest stores of the fish market, where the largest tuna auction in the worlds takes place.

13. Location and stores one should see when visiting Japan?

• Tokyo Tower (Taller than the Eiffel Tower)

• Tsukiji Fish Market

• Imperial palace cherry blossoms (especially around Easter time when they do blossom)

• The market where old Tokyo used to be

• Golden Gai, the street with the smallest bars in the world (2-3 people)

• Tokyo Park Hotel Bar, with the marble bar overviewing Tokyo from the 35th floor

• Shinbashi for its 4 floor gambling parlors

• Akikabura (if you are a gamer and love gadgets, that’s the Mecca of it)

14. What is one favorite habit Japanese people have and why did it impress you?

I was impressed by their simplicity, politeness and their method to everything.

15. We are in Japan for only 48 hours. What should we not miss?

Visit as many bars as possible. You’ll have to be careful to look high on the skyscrapers to find them though.

16. What’s the next destination you want to make it to?

America-New Orleans.

17. Words you live by?

No bad days.

18. What kind of music are you listening to these days?

Tell us 10 of your favorite tracks.I mostly listen to soul , funk-jazz , hip hop, everything with a bit of rhythm in it in general, depending on the time.

If I needed to put them on a list, it would be the following:

*We are especially grateful to Alexander who shared with us the experience of such a beautiful trip and the provision of his photographic material.

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