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“Forty miles away from Cape Matapan”

These were the words that the Greek sailors used to shout when they were reaching the Tainaron cape or else called Cape Matapan which is the southernmost part of the continental Europe. The area, back then, was a pirate base.

However, nowadays in the Tainaron mainland you may admire one of the most well-preserved beacons of Greece while gazing the incredible scenery at the same time. The beacon was built in 1882 by the French. It is situated among rocks, low germination and sea waves. This background offers moments of calmness and relaxation. 

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The village Kokkinogenia behind us.

We left early in the morning as the sunbeams were coming out in the sky.  Luckily, you have the chance to go hiking as the route is easy to follow even for beginners. The route to arrive at Cape Matapan lasts about 45 minutes. You start by crossing the pathway that starts from the village named Kokkinogeia – specifically from the end of the road where there is the parking lot for the visitors of the area. 

At the very beginning of the route there is distinguished not only the Archaeological place of Tainaro but also a beautiful bay of the beach which is ideal for you to relax by the sea. Afterwards, you follow the route that goes at the right side of the bay, going upwardly for a short period of time, becoming narrower in its end and passing among the rocks. In the last part of the route, you need to be careful because there are rocks even though the route is easy. Nevertheless, the background offers you an amazing view. 

You must take with you bottles of water (there is corner market at the end of the street in the village Kokkinogeia). If you like the village, you should stop and have picnic as the beautiful scenery is considered an ideal one for moments like these. Of course, be careful of the rubbish as there is not any bin in the area. Thus, you should have with you a plastic bag in order to save them and through them away in your return. It is such a pity to through our rubbish everywhere in nature.  


Φορμα επικοινωνίας