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Just a few kilometers away from Athens, a small seaside village with a heavenly beach can be found. Porto Germeno gazes towards the Corinthian Gulf with its jade green waters and a view of marvelous summer evenings.


The route to get there is simply delightsome, specially the last part after Vilia where the road goes through the forest, perfect for playing in each turn with your motorbike and a beautiful downhill passage from which you can admire Porto Germeno Gulf and its gorgeous view.

Before you reach the village and beach, you need to stop high at the mountain and gaze at the beautiful landscape. At the entrance of the village on your left, you can visit the ruins of the Castle and whatever else remains to date, and from there, move towards the beach. Exactly like everywhere else in mainland Greece, the gulf here consists of many smaller beaches for you to enjoy your swim. Pick one and dive!

Along the seaside you can find several little restaurants to grab a bite after your swim or you can stroll through the village where there are more food options for you to choose from.

If you choose to spend the night, there a are several affordable rooms to rent, but make sure you get the ones facing thhe beach so you can fall asleep with the sound of water.

Make sure you get up early in the morning, ride your motorbike and wander around the trails on each side of the road. Get lost in the forest on the way back to Vilia or Loutraki. Each path leads to the forest’s unique beauty, and sometimes even castles and little churches. Make a pit stop there and enjoy your picnic.

Also, stop by the central square in Vilia on our way back. It’s a village with its own beauty and life, where you can get rejuvenated by connecting with the locals. From a distance this village camouflages its size and it welcomes you to discover each of its alleys. There are plenty of permanent residents, joyfulness, coffee shops and little restaurants. If you happen to pass by at noontime, the smell of the grill houses will catch your attention.

The rest of the way back (part between Athens-Magoula), needs caution. It’s used by many trucks since this road also connects Athens with Thiva commercially, with many warehouses being located in Magoula in Attica.

Porto Germeno is the perfect destination for a one day trip or even for a two day relaxed excursion.

Make use of it at the first opportunity.

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Words: Christos Tzoutis

Editing and translation: Anna G. Metaxas

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