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Sunday was coming up and we had the chance to go on a day trip. We were impatient to get into the car and start our trip. We decided to take the ferry boat from the harbour of Aghia Marina and travel to southern Evoia. We had in mind though to have a good time in the sea and sun, if the weather was good. In the way to the harbour though close to Marathona the first drops made us for a while to doubt if we were going to have a bath. Also, at the harbour the early breeze and the aura of the sea made us wear a sweater as the temperature was low. We left home having in mind that we were going to swim and that we were going to wear flip-flops, shorts and a T-shirt.

The ferry boat leaves early in the morning at 10:30 (there is also an earlier itinerary) for Nea Styra, a beautiful village which is a tourist attraction in the southern part of Evoia.  We definitely had some coffee, biscuits and chocolate bars for breakfast before we boarded the ship. The trip lasts about 45 minutes and the gulls that play in the backwash of the ship along with its calm crossing in the straits of the Evoikos gulf made our trip amazing.

Once we had arrived at Nea Stira we went south towards Marmari. At the same time we were gazing the view from a higher viewpoint as the road that connects Chalkida with Karysto is on the tops of the mountain and this gives an amazing view towards the sea. After two hours of easy driving in a road with few bends we arrived at Marmari.  A lot of shops were being prepared for the summer season but they were not ready to serve the customers. We continued going towards Karystos as the weather conditions did not favor our desire to go to the beach. However, we were delighted by the idea of discovering many more places.

Few kilometers still to go and in the south part of Evoia there is Karistos which is known for its stone and picturesque because of the harbour. It is only a quarter away from Marmari and the route is easy and beautiful due to spring. The clouds in the sky had started to disappear so our thought of going to the beach was liven up again. We went for a walk in the alleys of Karistos and visited the mini market “O Giannakis” in order to buy the necessary supplies and we continued towards the beach. Our plastic bags were filled with slices of turkey, cheese, olives, tomatoes and bread. This was the best thing so as to have a good time at the beach. We bought some coffee and started to look for the beach in which we were about to spend the next hours. 

 We went back to Marmari, where near the village there is an incredible sandy beach next to the rocks and a small pathway that leads there. It has an idyllic background - white sandy beach and turquoise waters in combination with the dark grey colour of the rocks. The sun had full dominance of the sky whose light blue was mirrored in the sea’s surface. Happy and courageous as we had been, we dived into the sea. Its water’s were crystal clear and its temperature was ideal even though it was an early period of time. After we had had some play in the sea we went out in order to prepare dinner at the beach. Slices of bread with turkey and cheese, a tomato for each person and olives. “Let’s drink some beer!” “Cheers”, we cried and said that this is how we should spend our free time. Have a few things with us, bread, cheese, tomatoes, olives and be at the beach. Indeed, this is the ultimate delight. We would never change this buffet even if we were offered the best lunch. We did sunbathing and the breeze of the sea did not seem to be cold.

However, the time went by as we were relaxing at the beach and we had to go back.  The last ferry boat that its destination is Rafina leaves on Sunday at 19:30 which is an ideal time to have a good time in the sea from an early time. We picked our stuff and went towards the harbour. Before we left we had eaten ice cream so as to finish our summer expedition and reminisce of the old times – how many baths and ice creams?

We got into the ferry boat and in an hour we arrived at the harbour of Rafina. After the day trip and the exposure to the sun we felt a little bit hungry. We had a light fast food which was the best solution to finish our day. “Let’s go to Mihalakopoulou street and eat some chicken nuggets, it is what we actually need now”, exclaimed Angela. A beautiful day has to finish beautifully so the best choice is when you wear flip-flops and baggy short trousers, you are at peace because you were at the beach and you have something tasty to eat.

Therefore, Marmari is a good choice for a day trip which is less than an hour away from Athens. After such an expedition it is like we were away for at least 2 days. We visited an island and recharge our batteries in order to go back to our daily routine.


Spot | departure time:

Port Aghia Marina, 10:30.


Athens – Port Aghia Marina: 50 km

Nea Stira – Marmari: 26.9 km

Marmari – Karistos: 13,5 km

Rafina - Athens: 32.2 km

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