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Theya bakery was founded in 2015 and is based in Thessaloniki, where it is located on 65, Themistokli Sofouli Str. Kalamaria district was chosen among others for its location but also because of the room available for our product.  The space was curated by Tsiftelidis Yannis and his team.The name “Thegia” derives from “thea-yee” (Goddess Earth in Greek).  

Theya’s story begins the day that Goddess Earth created her children, wheat, barley and rye. She blessed each of them with a different gift. For wheat to grow tall and golden, for barley to provide strength and energy and for rye to endure all weather change. And to all she granted one more gift, that they blend harmoniously with each and every of nature’s goods and thus creating fine and nourishing flavors, just like traditional bread. 

Hence “Theya” was inspired by Goddess Earth, creating fresh, special and hand-crafted flavors, which honor the soil that provides them. So that is where the store’s philosophy lies, based on the magic things you can create, having in hand the products of Mother Earth.

The two younger members of a family from Thessaliniki, Chrysa and Yannis, are behind this business on a daily basis. Chrysa is a 25 year old Physical Education and Sports Science graduate, and Yannis –the middle brother- is 23 and has studied product design. From the moment the idea of taking over Theya appeared, the team vision was the creation of an environment that hums with positive energy, novelty and quality. The goal is that all styles and age groups of people are approached in a way they are combined harmoniously. They believe in a healthy lifestyle and in the excellent products an artisan can passionately deliver even for the more sophisticated ones in terms of nutrition.

Theya aims for the development of a healthy lifestyle and to finding all clients’ preferences so as to maintain the culinary interest of existing customers alive, but also gain more in the future.

Among all goods, the ones that stand out are the sourdough bread, handmade with no leavening agent, slow 12-14 hours maturation and dough in four different choices (100% white with Chalkidiki white flour and dough, 100% with Chalkidiki whole wheat, VILLAGE with 50% white and 50% whole wheat flour and dough and last in Limnos bread with 60% whole wheat flour and 40% Limnos yellow flour) and the cinnamon roll, popular to all who know Theya and is based on a Danish recipe but colored with some of our touches and consists of Easter cake pastry, brown sugar and cinnamon.

The reason behind Theya being so special, is that it offers fresh products made with pure Greek ingredients and passion while it also offers a variety of choices that can cover a wide range of preferences. Specialty coffee, light cuisine with pasta, crisp salads, pizza, burgers and club sandwiches (kitchen is open after 2pm) and there is also a wine list, fresh juices and shakes completes the list of options for all hours of the day.

We visited this beautiful place and we were hosted by Chrysa in a special way that only the inhabitants of northern Greece know. It is worthwhile to try everything that goes out on shelves and benches to take with you to your business or your walk, but even enjoy it at a table in the store as it stands out for the pleasant environment, tranquility and service.

Hours of operation:

Monday-Saturday 07.00-01.00                                    

Sunday 09.00-00.00

65 Themistokli Sofouli Str, Thessaloniki, Greece.

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