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Visiting the beautiful village of Pavliani we had the chance to meet Stavros personally. Stavros is a genuine man, calm and gentle. In the farm where he grew up he owns a hospitable place near nature and animals. This place offers not only absolute calmness and serenity but also the chance to the visitor to view images he or she does not see in town. During our beautiful face-to-face meeting we talked about the experience of how to live in America and of his favorite destinations.

1. Tell us a few things about you so that we get to know you better: your full name, age, star sign, the place you grew up, the place you live now and your profession.

My name is Stavros Tzioufas, my star sign is Taurus, I grew up in Athens and now I live almost permanently in Pavliani. I am Farmer – Hotelier at Vasilikia Mountain Farm & Retreat

2. Which is the place that you like to visit more and how many times do you go there?

I love Tinos and I am emotionally attached to this place. I visit Tinos every year.

3. Describe yourself using 3 (or less) words.

Lone Ranger.

4. What is that which makes you get up every day?

The must do of the day.

5. How do you like to relax and reduce emotional tension?

Reading, be with the animals of the farm, ceremony dinner with your beloved ones.

6.What is your favorite drink, and why do you prefer it?

I like tsipouro. It is an aperitif which you can not only drink while you are eating but also have it as a digestive.

7. Concerning your profession, how do you approach the art of hospitality and how do you like to create through it?

Pay attention to the last detail, simplicity and naturalism in how you cope with the visitors, inexhaustible design of developments and additions.


8. Did you live in America for many years? What is that makes America special? 

It is set as a movie set. Without having to direct, everyone plays their part. In addition, the Administration has predicted everything, nothing is accidental.

9. Which place, you think, makes the difference?

California is a country by itself. It makes the difference because I got to know it better than any other place of America, as I lived there.

10. What could make you go back there?

A combination of professional and personal choices.

11. What is the most favorite habit of American people that you admire and has affected you? Is there a possibility that you have also acquired it?

Americans love to know things about the first person they meet, in an indiscretion level, like their professional and economical status. This habit of Americans has not affected me as I keep distance from questions such as these when I meet new people.

12. We are for a week in America. What should we see?

A metropolis (New York or Los Angeles) and one National Park.

13. Which cities should we definitely visit?

New Orleans, Santa Fe, Palm Springs

14. What do you advice us to taste?

A select grade T-Bone Steak of 24 oz of course.

15. Which is the place that you have visited so far and has impressed you so much? Why?

Patagonia: Stepa, savannah, farmlands, glaciers, immensity!

16. What is the next destination that you would like to go to?

New Zealand

17. What are the words that lead and affect your life?  

Don’t you ever give up


18. What kind of music are you listening to at this period of time? Tell us 10 favorite songs that you have?

Φορμα επικοινωνίας