Nikos Arvanitis, Caribbean

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1. Tell us a few things about you so that we get to know you better: your full name, age, star sign, the place you grew up, the place you live now and your profession.

My name is Nikos Arvanitis, I was born and grew up in Patras. Specifically, I was born in 20th August and the last years I live in Athens. Ι talk about rum professionally and I make alcoholic beverages.

2. Describe yourself using 3 (or less) words.

Torrent, romantic, shamble

3. Describe Athens with 3 words.

Attractive, erratic, mysterious

4. What are your favourite flavor and colour?

Flavor: dryspicy

Colour: orange

5. What makes you get up every day?

My family

6. How is your ideal daily life?

The ideal daily life for me does not have an atrocious awaking. I do not have to wear shoes. I am carefree near the sea. It is full of carefree smiles and does not have responsibilities and obligations.

7. Which is the place that you like to visit more and how many times do you go there?

Paris by any chance and I consider it to be the most sexy and romantic city in Europe. Also, I like Siros in the summer because my mother lives there and I like the calmness and the simplicity of the island.

8. What do food and alcohol mean for you?

Food: survival

Alcohol: delight

9. What is the reason you travel? Does your profession relate with rum?

At first glance, it was my profession in my effort to understand the rum better and the people that produce it or help to its production. However, afterwards, it became and is becoming so that I can balance my own self as a human being through the selflessness that local people taught me and keep continue to teach me.

10. What do you like to discover in the destinations you choose?

As far as myself is concerned, I try to discover simplicity and as far as the destination is concerned anything and everything. However, I mainly look for creeping in the daily life of the local people even though it is many times occult.

11. You have recently travelled to the Caribbean. What impressed you and which are the reasons that it makes the difference?

From the Caribbean islands I was mostly impressed by Jamaica and the islands Barbados. The reason that they made the difference has to do with its people and the way they enjoy life as they enjoy it every time spontaneously while a large portion of them does not literally have anything to eat.  

12. What could make you to go back there again?

Is there any chance that you could stay there forever? I will definitely go back to Jamaica at some point in the future but words like “never” and “always” do not fit it my selflessness.

13. Which bars and flavors did you distinguish?

The Surfers café in Barbados and Local paradise in Dominica, concerning the flavors I was always choosing the recipe that they offer for each day separately and as for alcoholic beverage ESAF or Old Brigand rum with Coconut water in Barbados and Macoucherie rum, pure in Dominica.

14. What is the favorite habit of Jamaican people that impressed you?

The use of Marihuana.

15. Which image has mostly remained in your mind from this trip?

What has deeply remained in my mind is the image of the the crying eyes of my friends and family every time I leave from the Caribbean.

16. What is the next destination that you would like to go to?


17. What are the words that lead and affect your life?  

Love, selflessness, risk, smile


18. What kind of music are you listening to at this period of time? 

I generally listen to “black” music. Reggae, hip hop etc.

10 favorite songs:

Φορμα επικοινωνίας