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Lake Kerkini is situated in Serres prefecture and is only one hour away from Thessaloniki.

It was formed in 1932 because of the floodgate that was created in Strymonas river in order to function as a reservoir of water supply system for the villages and fields that were near. There is a large variety of flora and fauna and someone can view thousands of birds that come from cold climates to spend the winter or breed in May and June. Across the lake you will meet Egrets, Storks, Pelicans and in some periods of time Flamingos. Lake Kerkini is an ideal destination for those who love nature and like bird-watching.

You have to go round the lake – start from Lithotopos if you come from Thessaloniki – gazing the tops of the mountain, the farmers taking care of their lands and the wranglers who collect their buffalos and lead them to the farms during the sunset. In the northern part of the lake you can go boating to the village of Kerkini watch the birds and learn about the history of the place. You may address to the people from the Guesthouse and to the group of Oikoperiigitis in the village of Kerkini.

One of the villages that is distinguished and is worth visiting is Ano Poroia which is located in the slopes of the mountain Belles and the homonymous village Belles. In this village you can look at the lake and taste delicious food and drink coffee. Ano Poroia is a beautiful choice to sojourn and relax.

If you choose to spend the night in this place do not forget to get up early in order to go for a boat ride and gaze at the sunrise and the fog that make the view magical. Horse – riding and cycling are two wonderful activities. Moreover, you can go to lake Doirani in the south and to Serres in the east.

You should visit Roupel shelter and the therapeutic springs in Sidirokastro, Agkistro, Nigrita which are found towards the borders of Bulgaria. Do not hesitate to taste the local products and basically whatever has to do with buffalo raw material because in Lake Kerkini you will find the only breeding grounds of Greece. Therefore, ideal foods are pastrami, buffalo balls, cold cuts, and buffalo cheese and milk.

Detailed Information


From Serres, 57.5 km.

From Thessaloniki, 98.5 km.

From Athens, 598 km.

Where to Stay:

Mansion Viglatoras in Ano Poroia, Oikoperiigites in Kerkini village.

Where to eat:

Tavern “Oasi” in Neo Petritsi village.

What to do:

Horse – riding, Cycling, Running, Boating, Canyoning

We liked: The natural beauty of the place, Ano Poroia village, Roupel Shelter, Hammam bath in Agkistro, the buffalo meatballs in Oasis’ tavern , the different variety of activities, the early boat ride in the lake so as to gaze the sunrise, the different variety of combinations for short and long expeditions.

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All images © Christos Tzoutis

*Special thanks to BMW Hellas, for granting us the new BMW X1 and making our trip more comfortable.


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