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It is an undeniable fact that there are several reasons why someone should visit Mani which is a historical place of Peloponnisos. In Mani there are beautiful villages that are imperishable in the march of time, castles, caves and beaches. Have I not managed to convince you yet, take a look at Tainaron Blue Retreat hotel and you will get to know what I mean about this beautiful place.

Tainaron Blue Retreat is near Cape Tainaron and is the southernmost point of continental Europe. Also, it is situated in a stone tower that is dated back to the early 19th century and offers a clear view towards the sea of Tainaron and the mountain Taygetus.

Some interventions in the interior and exterior part of the tower occurred so as to harmonize with not only the surrounding area but also with the distinctiveness of the geographical scenery that takes its guests to another period of time. The rooms are of vintage style offering a view towards the mountain or the sea and are decorated by artistic objects of the sculptor Nikos Karalis. Moreover, the kinds of treatment are environmentally friendly.

Last but not least, the delicate menu of the hotel cannot be left out as its experienced chefs bring out the traditional tastes and scents of Mani.

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Η κουζίνα του ξενοδοχείου ξεχωρίζει για τον συνδυασμό τοπικών υλικών και φαντασίας σε απλές δημιουργίες.

Tainaron Blue Retreat is ideal for those who wish to enjoy moments of serenity, calmness and high aesthetics.

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Η υπέροχη θέα και τοποθεσία του Tainaron Blue Retreat
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