Yannis Korovesis, Iceland

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1. Tell us a few things about you to get to know you better: your full name, age, star sign, hometown, where you live now and what you do for a living.

I am Yiannis Korovesis, I am at the same age as Christ, sun in Gemini with Virgo rising. I was born and raised in Vironas, Athens with complementing flavors and experiences from nearby Pagrati and Kaisariani areas. I currently live in Imittos where I occupy myself with my orchids, succulents and also my five year old cat. In my free time, I make drinks at Borsalino Bar which I happen to co-own, I teach aspiring bartenders at Le Monde School and I also blog at Bitterbooze.com, which I created nearly six years ago and is mostly about booze, the bar and bartending.

2. Describe yourself in 3 (or less) words. 

Adaptable, workaholic, disciplined.

3. What gets you out of bed every morning?

My cat that jumps all over me.

4. What’s your favourite place to visit and how often do you visit?

If you mean in Athens, I’ll say Jazz in Jazz, an authentic hangout for music, drinks and cellphone-free chit chat. If you are referring to a favorite country, because of the frequency of my visits, I will mention our neighbor Italy, although San Francisco made an impact on me when I visited.

5. You have been characterised as an authentic storyteller. Which is the story that has imprinted you and functioned as a lesson for you?

Daily life and my interpersonal relations consist a great lesson for me and always make me readjust my goals, my desires, dreams and the way to achieve all these.

6. You recently visited Iceland. What impressed you more and for what reasons is it a special country? 

Incomparably beautiful landscapes, nature at its best and the climate is not at all unwelcoming for someone from Southern Europe to live in, yet it is extremely expensive. It is the country with the highest cost of living among all the countries I’ve traveled to. Peaceful people, a welfare state by definition, tasty but limited raw food materials. The Northern Lights, are one of a kind experience.


7. What are Icelanders’ preferences on food and drinks? Something peculiar you tasted? 

People in Iceland mostly eat fish and seafood. Salmon, arctic char, sole, cod etc. They are also known for their lamb and more peculiar meats such as shark meat which undergoes fermentation for about a year, whale and puffin. I also tasted dehydrated fish and it was pretty much as bad as it sounds. As far as booze is considered, Icelanders are mostly beer drinkers since micro brewery is a hit here as well. There are snapps of course but they don’t drink it that much neither is it of high quality.

8. Your favorite place for coffee / breakfast?

Reykjavik Coffee Roasters for specialty coffee. For breakfast and brunch, the Hverfisgata 12 that serves legit Bloody Mary and pizzas.

9. Favorite dining spot in Iceland and what makes it so special?

Matur or Drykkur. Icelandic but twisted cuisine, beautiful surrounding environment, and nice cocktails.What’s a thing that people in Iceland do that impressed you?They are the calmest and most peaceful people I have ever encountered. An important thing for the pace of the century we live in.


10. We only get to spend 48 hours in Iceland, what should we not miss?

Swim in the waters of the Blue Lagoon, see the point where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet, visit at least one place glacier can be found and watch the gazer eruption.


11. What was so impressive about Iceland that would make you visit again?

Undoubtedly, the surreal beauty of nature.

12. What’s the next place you would like to visit?

I’ve been coveting a trip to Africa for years now. I hope it can happen soon.

13. Words you live by with:

Authenticity, camaraderie, professionalism, altruism, common dreams with those you love.

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All images © Ioannis Korovesis

14. Is there any particular artist/music genre you are currently into? 

Different kind of music and artists.

My list with 8-10 of your favorite songs:

Φορμα επικοινωνίας