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1. Tell us a few things about you to get to know you better: your full name, age, star sign, hometown, where you live now and what you do for a living.

My name is George Sarmantas and I am a thirty-one year old Aquarius with Virgo rising. I was born and raised in Larisa, I studied International & European Relations in Thessaloniki, and for the past four years I’ve been living and working as a bartender in Athens.

2. Describe Athens in 3 words.

Chaotic, lively, constantly evolving.

3. Describe yourself in 3 (or less) words.

Sociable, ever smiling, obsessive.

4. Which is your most favorite place to visit and how often do you visit?

The place I love most is Pelion and I try to visit every summer.

5. What gets you out of bed each day?

Besides my dog that needs walking, I think a reason for me to get out of bed is my need to fill my day with as many things as possible.

6. What ingredient do you like to use most in your work and why?

When I’m working at the bar, I like to experiment on my drinks with textures so I would say that my currently favorite material is aquafaba.

7. Favorite flavor? Favorite color?

By far, my favorite flavor is one that consists of a ripe mango. Favorite color is green.

8. As far as your job is considered, what is your approach on the art of bartending and how do you like to create through it?

I’d say the art of bartending is associated with that of cooking when it comes to experimenting with endless flavor combinations, so with that in mind, I like to approach the creation of drinks by playing with contrast.

9. You recently travelled to New York City. What impressed you more and why?

I was recently lucky enough to get to travel for about a month to New York, which now has a special place in my heart for the diversity of choices offered to the visitor and also the city’s multidimensional character. 

10. Why would you revisit? Even so to live there?

I would definitely go back to seek out for the things I didn’t see on my first trip, since a month is not enough to cover all the neighborhoods of the world’s metropolis. I would stay there forever because of the pulse and energy the fast-paced daily reality can offer.

11. Which was the bar that really stood out for you and what makes it so special?

During my stay there, from the all the bars I visited, collectively, my favorite is NoMad. But the one that really stood out for me is Maison Premiere in Brooklyn, because it is a “bar a huitres” that combines my kind of aesthetics with an awesome cocktail list based on absinth.

12. Your favourite place for coffee / breakfast?

Undoubtedly the best coffee spot is Stumptown Coffee Roasters and for a quick on the go breakfast, Dean  & DeLuca’s.

13. Favorite spots for dancing all night?

Amazing view of the city and great atmosphere for drinks and dance at the terrace of Le Bain.


14. What’s a thing Americans love to do that really impressed you?

In a city that everything moves so fast I can’t really say I observed any difference in everyday life habits, only that I was impressed by this tendency they have to bust out in parks for coffee or a quick bite.

15. We only get to spend 48 hours in New York City, what should we definitely not miss?

48 hours huh? That’s really hard! I’d recommend an early wakeup call and lots of walking, weather permitting, a stroll in Central Park and from that point going downtown all the way to Wall Street and Battery Park, you cover pretty much all the main points of reference in the city’s epicenter. On the second day, SoHo, China Town, Stuyvesant Town and East Village and then walking at the High Line with a pit stop at the Meatpacking District and Chelsea. I surely think someone needs 48 hours times 10 for this city!

16. Where’s the next destination you would like to visit?I’d like the next destination to be somewhere completely different from New York and I am in between Philippines and Taiwan. You’ll find out in the next article!

17. Words you live by: 

I believe the words I live by are more connected to the actual feelings they cause, so I’d say: smile, willingness, a sense of humor towards oneself, optimism.

18. Is there any particular artist/music genre you are currently into? Make a list with 8-10 of your favorite songs.

At the moment, most of my time is about listening to more electronic sounds so I’d recommend the album Caracal by Disclosure and the last piece of work by XX, called “I see you”.

Currently, some of my favorite tracks are:

Φορμα επικοινωνίας