Experience it

For some, travelling cannot be defined unless luggage, passports, snapshots in front of famous landmarks and waiting lines outside museums are involved.

For others, a trip can be engaging more feelings and experiences. A sound, a picture, a flavor. A single flavor which has the power to send you back in time, remind you something you have unconsciously forgotten, or even transport you to another… continent!

For this trip, it only took us some wishful thinking on finding a parking spot at the hard to get downtown Athens, a fair amount of money in exchange for some chips and in just a couple of minutes we found ourselves going up the stairs of an abandoned old building on 85 Aiolou St. which was transformed for one night only (9/3/17), into a good old American cult movie set.

So, under one roof in the historic center of the city of Athens, fueled by the inspiration and the initiative of what is now a global brand, aka The Clumsies, we wound up visiting six of the most notorious bars of the American scene for four hours in a three floor space.

As metropolis and ambassadors of international gastronomy, three of the most popular cities and their most famous bars, served the Athenian crowd with flavors from the West.

For us, flavors go hand in hand with a country’s culture, so being able to taste the drink choices a New Yorker currently makes, hop over west to San Francisco to have a second cocktail and then end up at the city of Angels for some more, was a unique experience. Furthermore so, since these drinks were created and served from the exact same people who would have served you had you virtually been in those cities.

Inside a spacious building with red neon signs and posters all over the walls, six of America’s best bars and some of the fifty best bars in the world (The Clumsies is #9), served their signature recipes including Greek ingredients, such as the newly launched Greek Otto’s Vermouth by the Clumsie duo, merging in this way, two countries with such a different mentality and culture when it comes to their flavor palette (and more). And even if language was a barrier, it was flavor that guided you from bar to bar in order to search and find the perfect drink, exactly as you would be doing as a tourist in any other place on earth, with the difference being you were able to do so within α few square meters distance. So it was the infamous Employees Only, The Nomad, PDT and Dante (all in NYC), the Trick Dog (SF) and the Walker Inn (L.A) that succeeded with their concoctions to offer us a generous taste of …an American Dream!

For those already having had the chance to visit one of these, it must be undeniably amazing to watch the same people doing the exact same moves at the other side of the world, while nonetheless greet you with the widest smile!

For those of you planning on crossing the other side of the pond, there are six spots you now know and you can always go back to having “saved” the flavors of their drinks on your mind’s memory card.Maybe it is not so much about how many miles you cover to travel somewhere. Just the taste of a drink or food, can be enough to minimize whichever distance!

Φορμα επικοινωνίας