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At the beginning of the 1800's, the sailors of Krissaios gulf came with a unique mood accompanied by many colors. Ever since then, every Clean Monday, the blue sky of Galaxidi, which feels like a beautiful island, gets filled with colors. Colors, laughter, dances and singing! After we were able to park our vehicle, our first encounter with the colorful "crazies" took place just a few steps further on and we found them occupied with blending flour and coloring. Blue, yellow, green, red and so many other colors mixed with laughter and a sharing mood towards everyone wanting to get smudged and feel like a child again while crossing the narrow streets of Galaxidi all the way to the little dock.

We left the bridge behind us and headed towards this beautiful town's center , equiped with all the necessary supplies, so much so we could turn the sky's color and our soul would become "colorfuly nuts"!Once we reach downtown, the music can not make us stop moving. Although we are surrounded by people we dance like there is nobody watching. Handfuls of colorful flour that empty and fill up again in an instant.

The improvised charriots start to march and the procession begins. The flour keeps rolling by the sack.All of a sudden a cloud with all shades of colour surrounds us from all directions, from above to everywhere to the point you can't even recognise your friends anymore. They are the same color with the sky now. You want to cover yourself from getting smudged by the flour that comes from everywhere but at the same time you want to also throw it towards all directions. It's a crazy, beautiful feeling you haven't felt since you were a child and you enjoy it to the fulllest. The followers who walk behind the vehicles are also full of colors. The moment we find some space, we manage to merge with them and join the parade. We get carried away by bell sounds and traditional music that take us all the way to the port. We end up next to the fishing boats with the weird ones who don't want to join at the other side of the dock, leaving us wondering "Why wouldn't everyone want to participate in this amazing experience?"The dancing begins and so does the wine and the throwing of the flour until there is no more. All age groups are present, actively engaged and...smudged!

You really don't want this to end. It feels like a dream like those filled with beautiful colors, after which you wake up carefree in the morning, with a wide smile drawn on your face and ready to face the raw reality, back in the shady grey routine of everyday life.It's how all of us who participated in the "flour-smudging" in Galaxidi, felt the next day. One thing is for sure, we will be going there next year as well and actually we'll also be more organised! Till the next next year, guys!

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All images © Chris Tzoutis

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