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When covering 110 miles in the Ionian Sea with a sailing boat, it is certain you are not keeping memories solely from the places you visited. The sea trip with such a boat cannot be characterized as anything less than fascinating. The immediate connection with nature, the totally dependent on the wind movement of the sailing boat, the ultimate feeling of freedom and the numerous inaccessible by any other means beauty of the Greek coastline, are just some of the aspects of this trip that will make you enjoy every single moment of it.

We set sail a little after Lefkas, with our main destinations being Meganisi, Ithaca and Kefalonia. During the course though, the places you are going to see and want to know more about, are so many you forget where you are actually aiming for. Countless, gorgeous little coves, some rocky ones and others with dense vegetation that reaches all the way down to the very edge, crystal clear emerald green waters, sandy or pebbly beaches and picturesque harbors…

Reaching Meganisi at point Atherinos, you cannot resist diving at Fanari beach. What is also really impressive is the structure of the marina in the island’s harbor, Vathi. From there, sailing for three hours you arrive at Ithaca, this tiny lush green island with its bleach white beaches, like the one in Frikes. Vathi, in Ithaca this time, is a simple and quiet harbor that stands out for its authenticity.

Next, is the cosmopolitan Fiskardo (Kefalonia) with its colorful and stately establishments, to pedestal road running around the marina with tasteful cafes, restaurants and all the shops to satisfy all kinds of taste. In the harbor’s entrance, you also cannot miss the view of the Venetian lighthouse, which although dated all the way back to 16th century, still remains in good condition.

In this trip however, your relationship with sea must certainly be more than good and the company you choose to be with totally appropriate. During the whole trip, there is a lot of team work demanded regarding cooking and sanitation in the boat but also steering issues and organising the course. Although most people think that this kind of vacation is quite costly, the truth is that it is possible for the cost not to go way over average vacation expenses. That being said, this also depends on factors such as size, style and the make of the sailing boat and also the time frame you choose for renting it.

If you are a nature or adventure lover, if knowing new inapproachable places fascinates you and sea doesn’t really bother you, then you will absolutely love sailing. Besides, Greece with its vast island complexes and the favorable –most of the times- weather conditions, makes for the ideal choice for getting to discover the uniqueness of sailing vacation. 

And then, you will also end up wondering. What counts most, the destination, or the journey?

Φορμα επικοινωνίας