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Sunday afternoon and our tourist concern take us out to chase the sun in the center of Athens and discover hidden stories and streets, smells, sights and sun. A country blessed of sun and blue most of the year.The streets to get lost in Athens are countless, different kind of forgotten and bygone melodies pass from Plaka and the Acropolis from Thissio, Psirri and Monastiraki reaching the Square of St. Irene, next to the pedestrian Ermou Street. A landscaped dining room had worn his kind to accommodate our hunger so long we forgot to thank.Dishes cooked with taste, flavors and portions of the mother’s kitchen as the title of the restaurant. Moussaka, Lachanoryzo, Boureki, Chickpea, Rooster with wine sauce but a lovely streaky pork with thyme crust, honey, mustard and molasses that caught my attention and deserved the licking fingers at the end. Tender pork piece perfectly cooked maintaining soft meat and fat preserved with wonderful herbs crust that melted in the mouth without a few.Friends one cool Red Ale beer Septem Microbrewery with slightly sweet taste, greasy, balanced mouth and long aftertaste, dominated the vynodi aromas and caramel. Superiority!

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All images © Christos Tzoutis

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