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From the snow-capped Atlas mountains, in the rocky desert of Sahara and from the magnificent medina of Fez in film, as characterized Casablanca, Morocco difficultly leaves unsatisfied travelers.

The rich natural landscape, the evident tradition in all aspects of daily routine, the culture of people and the remarkable cultural heritage compose elaborately the scenery of the country.      

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Ben Youssef Madrasa, Marrakesh, Morocco © Lars Plougmann

You must be lost in the thousand alleys of the medina of Fez with all sorts of traders. Experience the cosmopolitan Marrakesh with hundreds of palm trees, enjoying a fast ride with traditional carriers and find out the endless Sahara on a camel, ending up in Merzouga enjoying the majestic sunset.

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Merzouga dessert.
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Chefchaouen, Morocco.

The surprises of this country, however does not end here. The seaside landscape in Essaouira, with the smell of fish, with the small houses of island style with blue windows, nothing else than to enrapture you they could. The imposing 16th century castle travels you to another era.

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Photo © Claudia Corent.
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Essaouira, photo © Caroline Granycome.

Contemporary and traditional at the same time, half European and half African, the country of Morocco may cover the requirements of each traveler. “The country of colours” can only impress you with the contradictory landscapes, the unexpected exotic beauty and the pungent smells.

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