Experience it

Trying to find paradise and seems like Agios Sostis beach looks like that. One of the most beautiful beaches of Serifos island and of the country for sure. It will take you ten minutes to get there, by walking, but its worth it to enjoy the magical landscape and the crystal waters. On the left sight you will meet the little church of Agios Sostis, painted in blue and white, the typical colours of the Cyclades islands. The physical bay of the beach protects you from the waves and even the windy days you can enjoy the sea and the sun.  You can spend the hall day here playing with the sand like a kid and relaxing by the sea under the small trees by its side.


Photo credits: 
Photos © Christos Tzoutis

Bring with you water and something to eat, so you can enjoy that beautiful place beacause there is nothing there to buy water or similar products.

Φορμα επικοινωνίας