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I bet that when you hear the word Greece the first things that pop up in your mind are sea, sun and the islands. Since the sun is almost always shining, going to the sea or to the islands is a good idea all year round, even in December.That’s exactly what I thought together with my best friend and a few days ago we booked our tickets and traveled to Santorini. Since I come from a greek island myself, I never really felt the need to visit other islands, but having seen so many photos and heard so many things about this specific island (it has the best sunset in the world), I just couldn’t resist visiting it.

We stayed there for 2 days at the center of the island, the city of Fira, and visited the other two famous villages too: Oia and Imerovigli. Many people told us that we were crazy to go there this period of time and that we would be disappointed, but guess what: we made the best choice.

Even it was in the middle of December, the weather was excellent and the island was really calm without many tourists, as it usually has during summer. It was easier to wander around the small and beautiful streets, find a place to have a coffee and eat (during winter just a few cafes and restaurants are open) and of course take photos.Our first stop was Fira as it was really close to the airport, however I chose to start with the photos from Imerovigli. The village was completely empty, no shops were open and the only people that we came through were some workers that took care of all the hotels and summer residences. It just took us less than 2 hours to have a stroll around, but I really loved how white everything was and how picturesque the place looked. Don’t need to say anything else, just take a look at the photos!

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All photos © Maria Douka

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